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Harmonic Frequency Spectrum Vibratory stress relieving system


          Harmonic Frequency Spectrum Vibratory Stress Relief system

Hardware Configuration

Control Box

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP;
  • Motherboard: industrial control board, support processor like Intel Pentium D (Dual-core processor); Pentium 4; Intel Celeron D and so on;
  • Motherboard supports external hard disk with IDE or SATA interface, capacity: 80GB, 160GB and so on;
  • A/D data collection board;
  • 10.4’ real-color LCD screen, clearly display curves and diagrams;
  • CPU: Intel Celeron, CPU frequency: 3.06GHz
  • Motherboard memory: 512M, can upgraded to 1 GB;
  • Electric hard disk: 2GB DOM electric hard disc with IDE interface. can upgraded to 8GB. Store tens of thousands of work piece processing information, curves and diagrams for checking timely and sufficiently.
  • Human-Computer Interface: mouse and keyboard;
  • Printer interface: USB interface, support main stream ink-jet printer or laser printer in the market.


Equipment Working Environment

  • 2.4 equipment should be able to work reliably under conditions below
  • Power supply: 220V±10%、50Hz;
  • Environmental temperature for the controller: 0~+50℃,for the vibrator: -20~40℃
  • Relative humidity: ≤80% (25℃)


Main Functions

1. Frequency Spectrum and Harmonic Mode

  • No special requirements for the positioning of vibrator, the sensor and support point
  • Analyze the frequency spectrum with no need to scan before processing the work piece
  • Able to select 5 optimal harmonic peaks for any work piece through computer,; 2 spare harmonic frequencies
  • Repeatedly select 7 harmonic frequencies with the function key
  • Five vibration types processing on any work piece
  • Lagging processing function through acceleration protection
  • Harmonic frequencies for work piece processing are all below 6000rpm
  • Supervision functions over the parameter all through the process.

2. Files Processing

Can open, delete and print the data files that have been saved.


3. Frequency Spectrum Analysis

Frequency spectrum analysis of the work pieces can be made through pounding vibration method, used as an independent frequency analyzer


4. System Help

This function enables the user to read and check online the function and operation of the equipment